Every living place is layered in memory. Its story affects not only the people who live in it, but also the people who will come to be a part of it in the future. The collision of past and present in historic places – of conflicts that resonate through the centuries – is a telling reminder of the fluidity of time and of the continuity of the human condition.

Storycity is a publishing project to explore the stories that make our cities. The Inheritance is based on historic events that occurred at the Castella de Aguada in the mid-18th century. Set in the days of British occupation of Mumbai, its origins lie in the age-old conflict between filial duty and inevitability. This imagined story follows the intrigues and dynamics between members of a family transformed by the ebb and flow of political tides.

The second in a series of fictions that explore Bandra’s Portuguese heritage, The Loss is based on the historic events that occurred at the southern tip of Salsette Island in the mid-18th century. Delving into the mind of one citizen who stands at the cusp of socio-political upheaval, it is a story of victory and defeat told against the backdrop of St. Andrews Church that remains beloved to the people of the neighbourhood even today.


Story and Illustrations by Vishaka Mantri

Art Direction: Ruchita Madhok & Aditya Palsule