#E62217 Experiencing Red

The colour red evokes conflicting emotions. On one hand it represents life, birth, love, passion; on the other it represents pain, aggression, rage, war and shame. It is a colour that connects rape and love, a colour that connects the red light district to the red valentine. In order to explore this dichotomous colour and its representations in a cultural context we designed a participatory experience.

The participants were required to follow instructions from a visual score. They were to put their fingers into a slimy condom and retrieve either a dollar or a paper heart. While experiencing discomfort due to the public nature of the experience - participants were forced to make a choice between material gain and sentimental values.

This participatory experience was conducted in Singapore – a city state that is notorious for its materialistic 5Cs. It was therefore the beginning of a dialogue about the nature of our desires versus our values.

Watch the video to experience red and flip through the red book to read more about this project. This project is a collaboration with Lek Yi Xian.